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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Saige Peterson who was born in Wisconsin on August 03, 2007 and passed away on August 03, 2007 . We will remember him forever.

My little bundle of hopes an dreams came to us on Aug 3 2007 born still. He was so very precious an perfectly beautiful.  He was a little guy weighing only 3lbs 12oz at 16 1/2 inches long. We made it all the way threw the pregnancy doing great (with a little morning sickness in the beginin) all the way up to the 36 week. Went in for a normal visit on the Aug 1st to discover that he no longer had a heart beat. I was in disbelife this is all I ever wanted out of life, a child of my own to cherish an love to teach to help an watch grow.  I really didn't understand he was fine a week ago on the day.  His heart beat had dropped from his normal of 150 to 130 but I was reasured that was normal.  That most babies heart beats slow when they get into posision to be delivered an start to run out of room there for also giving reason for the lesser of activity.  The only thing they were able to tell me for sure is that the placenta an umbilical cord we to small to continue to support his needs. An part of the reson he may have been so small was due to the fact he may have been surviving on his own for a little bit inside my womb befor he became an angel.

   He is my first child in which I will love with all my heart forever an there is never a day I regret having been given this chance to feel life grow to know his love and life.  He was very strong he is a survivor, for he will be my little man forever and will remain very important to our lives an loved ones everyday lives.  

Saige Raye Peterson you will be forever my sunshine! Mommy loves you and knows you have gone to a greater place where you were greeted with open arms by our loved ones whom have already joined the angels. Know I send my love and tender kisses to you every night with only the sweetist of dreams an every morning with the break of day on the wings of the butterflies an the beauty of the birds. I love you Angel Baby!
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peace be to you   / Madalain Ziarek
i just ran across your page,and i am so sorry if its not my place,but i wanted to express my condolences. even though i've only had a month to feel it so far i know the love a mother feels for her child. i sit here and watch my son sleep an...  Continue >>
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my first an last time to hold Saige my beautiful little angel
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